Preparing Doctors For The FPMRS Board Examination and Certification


This is the First and Most Comprehensive Board Preparation & Simulation for FPMRS

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This Course Can Save You
Time, Effort, and Money

Replace Hundreds Of Hours Studying and Reviewing Books
and Material for the Exam With 4 Comprehensive
Modules and 1000+ Board-style Exam Questions
with High-Yield, but Succinct Explanations.

Help improve your score and pass the FPMRS written exam with this High Yield 1-DAY Boot Camp on March 5th, 2016 in Chicago. Live course to prepare you for the upcoming FPMRS Board Exam in June 2016. Click Here for complete details.
*** There is no course in Las Vegas. The 2016 course is being held in Chicago. ***

Course content includes:

Module 1

Female Urology and Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction

Module 2

Urogynecology and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Module 3

Anorectal Dysfunction and Research Topics

Module 4

Keeping up with the FPMRS Literature and MOC

Review how the experts evaluate and manage complex pelvic floor disorders through our library of vignettes containing high definition images of surgery and pathology as well as original colorful artwork

The questions may be taken in one of 3 modes:

  1. Practice Mode – The answer and explanation to each question appears immediately after answering the question.
  2. Test Mode – Your score and the correct answers and explanations are given at the end of the module.
  3. Board Exam Mode – You can choose from more than 10 mock board exams and receive your score and how you compare to others who have taken the same exam.

Take the exams and review the materials as often as you like!